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Pregnancy Care

With utmost detailed history, examinations and investigations we meticulously guide and counsel patients right from the time of entry into the clinic and the follow up visits in the hospital until she is on the delivery table.

Fertility Centre

With Recent trends of Late Marriage,career oriented people and increasing stress there is a magnanimous number of people who knock at the fertility clinics for pursuing their dreams of achieving parenthood

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Women’s Health in to is so much affected by various pelvic inflammatory diseases, menstrual problems, abnormal uterine bleeding and many other ill-defined problems.


We have successfully done over more than 2500 endoscopic surgeries including more than 500 advanced endoscopic surgeries for difficult pathologies. 

Cosmetic Gynecology

It is every women’s right to look young and beautiful both aesthetically and functionally. Lasers, PRP and cosmetic procedures can work wonders as it helps revert the age related changes and also help women enhance their sexual intimacy.

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Adolescent and Postmenopausal Clinic

Adolescents with Polycystic ovariansyndrome  and also menopausal women with all the menopausal symptoms are taken care of which requires more of counseling and Hormonal work up and proper therapy.


We offer lot of options for handling patients with involuntary passage of urine while coughing, sneezing or lifting weights(SUI)like TVT-O,pelvic floor reconstructive surgeriesand lasers.


Screening and Diagnosis of all gynaecological and breast cancers which includes Pap smear, sonomammography,office endometrial biopsy and oncogyneacology surgeries with lymph node dissection for Initial stages.

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